Hong Kong has the big city specials like smog, odour, 14 million elbows and an insane love of clatter. But it's also efficient, hushed and peaceful: the transport network is excellent, the shopping centres are sublime, and the temples and quiet corners of parks are contemplative oases. The best thing about being in Hong Kong is getting flummoxed and fired by the confluences ...



Cancun Spring Break

Nearly 100,000 American teenagers and young adults travel to Cancun for the Cancun spring break every year. This is a huge destination for college-aged spring breakers, and this package begins around February 19 to end around March 26. So if you are in the mood to relax in Cancun, you will either have to book a more expensive hotel, or completely avoid this season. This is because in these 6 weeks, there is an enormous influx of party-going college kids flooding the beaches, clubs and bars to have as much fun as possible.Cancun is an ideal locale for students looking to unwind from the long winter semester.

As long as there is sun, sand and a drinking age of 18, Cancun spring break is considered a hot spot. There are tons of travel agencies and websites that offer cheap tickets and party packages to Cancun. Sometimes, a roundtrip, five-night hotel stay, with two meals per day and a party pass to all nightclubs, costs as little as a thousand dollars.

This is the reason most of the students save money the whole year for spring break, so that they can really enjoy themselves in Cancun. Coming to Cancun, they enjoy drinking, lazing on the beach, snorkeling, diving, dancing and eating.Although the Cancun spring break usually goes about without an incident, sometimes these students may be caught off-guard by the unfamiliar surroundings and local practices. They just have to remember to be careful with the money they take along on the spring break, and maybe hand over the money to the hotel safe to prevent from any thefts. As the Cancun spring break is a time for drinking, there should be some control here, as most of the crimes that take place are committed under the influence of alcohol, and in the discotheque environment. Just keep these points in mind to have an enjoyable Cancun spring break.

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By: Kristy Annely

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