Hong Kong has the big city specials like smog, odour, 14 million elbows and an insane love of clatter. But it's also efficient, hushed and peaceful: the transport network is excellent, the shopping centres are sublime, and the temples and quiet corners of parks are contemplative oases. The best thing about being in Hong Kong is getting flummoxed and fired by the confluences ...



A Walk in the Country Boscastle St Juliots Church and Valency

Although a short walk, this section is quite strenuous, so we recommend a good night's sleep the night before.1. Head along the north side of the harbour, taking note of the devastation still visible after the dramatic flood of 2004.

The Harbour Light gift shop has relocated and bare foundations remain where other shops once were. From here bear right up a tarmac lane following the direction of the coastal path waymark post. Pass in front of a row of cottages, and look over towards the colourful boats in the harbour.If the scenic cottages look appealing, Cornwall offers a superb selection of holiday accommodation from self catering holiday cottages to luxury apartments and chalets.

Cornwall Today is a great resource for holiday ideas and places to stay in North Cornwall ( Holiday Accommodation North Cornwall ) and throughout the region.2. Follow the coastal path sign up the hillside via slate steps to the right. Near the top you will see a fish-shaped weathervane to the left.

Follow the coastal path over stiles and down steep wooden steps to a wooden footbridge over the stream that fuels Pentargon waterfall. The water was gently trickling over the cliff edge when we visited but after heavy rains it can be more dramatic.3.

Continue on up the wooden steps and around Beeny Cliff to Seals Hole. The walk here is beautiful. Depending when you go there could be a carpet of wild flowers stretching down to meet the turquoise sea crashing beneath you. We were treated to placid waters, perfect for wildlife spotting.4.

Then just as things are getting a bit too pleasant, brace yourself for the toughest climb of the walk. Take your time and head upwards toward the outcrop of rocks. This is a perfect spot for a bit of rest and recuperation, one of those chocolate bars you've been carrying and a chance to really take in the views, which stretch as far as the giant satellite dishes in North Devon.5.

Cross over a stile keeping to the left side of the field. After another follow the obvious coastal path through two fields. You will reach a finger post with three arrows by another stile. Do not cross the stile here but instead follow the arrow pointing right, away from the coast, keeping the field boundary hedge on your left.6.

You reach a track between two overgrown hedges. At a metalled lane, turn left, pass a house on the left then take the next right. Follow the lane, ignoring the first public footpath sign, passing two houses and some farm buildings. After these you will see another public footpath sign. Cross the stile and head downhill close to the right hand side. Look across to farm buildings (and during the summer months a field with caravans).

There is a stile to the right of these which is where you are heading.7. Continue downhill to cross the stream at a slippery boardwalk.

Emerge up the hill to the stile you saw earlier. Cross the field diagonally to the far right top hand corner where there is a further stile. Follow the farm track to the main road.

Cross and climb over the slate steps marked with an arrow. Cross half left (the cows in this field were particularly friendly) to a stile continuing across the second field to an opposite stile.8.

Enter a third field, heading half right to a stone stile that leads to a forth field. Cross diagonally right towards a metal gate. Pass through the adjacent kissing gate and keep left to reach a wooden farm gate. If it's getting late you may want to check availability at The Rectory B&B signposted down the lane here. After the gate turn left to reach the road.

Turn right and follow the road to St Juliot's Church. Go in and check out the window dedicated to Thomas Hardy who met his wife here and immortalised St Juliot under a thin disguise in A pair of Blue Eyes.9. Leave via the stile at the bottom of the churchyard before crossing right over a stile to follow the left side of the field. Cross another stile continuing in the same direction to reach a further stile on your left. Cross and turn diagonally half right to pass through a gate gap.

Follow the direction of Newmill, passing through a kissing gate to enter woodland. This path continues for sometime before emerging on a lane by a white house.10. Follow the lane away from the house, bear left and follow the broad track. Do not bear off towards buildings but continue straight ahead to a kissing gate.

Pass in front of a white house and you will now follow the pretty Valency river, now just a shadow of the torrent it became last year. Stop for a paddle along the way, and to pile up stones as many have done before you at a bend in the river, before emerging back out at the car park.Regional information: Cornwall Today.

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By: Rachel Lane

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